The Little Book of Big Weightloss


I never thought I would ever write a book on weightloss, because I just wasn't very good at it...until my health and confidence....was seriously heading downhill.  I absolutely had to do something.  It’s not fun being fat – or, to be politically correct, overweight. And I should know. Once upon a time, I was seriously overweight too – in fact, I was massive.

So I started reading and doing research, looking at recent medical studies on losing weight, and asking the people I work with – mostly young, fit models – what they eat. I became my own guinea pig. When one weightloss technique worked, I found another to boost it. I wanted warp speed weightloss, without killing myself doing it. When you’re fat, you want the fat gone – preferably yesterday and permanently. This weightloss plan had to be something I could commit to for life.    

After 30 weeks I had lost 30kg (66lbs). Yep, I was high fiving myself! My doctor was smiling and I had just about every Mum at the school pick up, wanting to know how I had lost the weight so fast. I started writing notes on how to, and found that I really needed to explain more, so I thought, why not write a book. A no bullshit, quick read that anyone with a weight issue can understand. And that’s exactly what I’ve done.

I’m so relieved and happy to have found this mix that I want to share it with you. Big Weightloss is all about the food. Exercise is important to a lesser extent – for me, it’s walking and, in summer, swimming. This year in a bikini… woo hoo!   So, if you’ve got a weight issue stop putting yourself down, and read this – I mean read it and absorb it – because this works... fast.



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