The Little Book of Big Happiness


If there is one thing that we all universally want, it’s Happiness.   We are all searching for it, looking for it and trying to find it.  I say stop chasing your tail it’s already here.  Right here, right now.  You just need the tools to access it.

All around the world we hold the same ideas close. I don’t need to be rich in financial gain, I can be wealthy in happiness and that’s far more important to me.  I want to live every day of my life being the happiest version of myself possible. Fully taking in everything the world has to offer. I think many of us want those same feelings.

According to the World Happiness Report 2017, Australia is ranked joint ninth with the UK, the USA is fourteenth out of 155 countries surveyed. That’s not bad, but possibly we could do better by just remembering a few simple ideas.

I know that I am responsible for my own happiness and that I need to look to myself first. So I’ve written down the 58 steps that I try to remember every day that help me. I’ve put them in a clear and simple manner. I’m confident that they can help you too.


Preorder now for release in April 2018