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"It’s easy to forget what makes us happy in a busy world, but what makes us all feel good is surprisingly universal."
Bernadette Fisers’ 8 Tips For a Happier You
Dymocks - April 18, 2018
"This little book is packed with 58 simple tools to help you embrace your own happiness."
Winter picks: Four books that’ll instantly lift you out of cold-weather misery and into a warm fireside glow
Mamamia - May 01, 2018
"In her new book, The Little Book of Big Happiness, Bernadette shares her own thoughts about the cultivation of happiness..."
Happiness for good mental health
ABC Radio Hobart - April 21, 2018
"...the Aussie author is shifting her focus from weight to wellness, releasing her new book."
Weight loss expert shares her secret to happiness
The Daily Edition - April 16, 2018
"It's a lifestyle change - you have to change your entire way of looking at food."
Melbourne scientists identify protein that could help regulate a person’s weight
9 News - February 15, 2018
"I know how to deal with a celebrity chucking a tantrum but I don't know how to deal with..."
Susie talks to Bern the author of The Little Book of Big Weight Loss
The Brain Candy Podcast
"Make up artist to the stars, Bernadette Fisers, is a firm believer that change is always possible – one small step at a time."
Melbourne make-up artist shares top 5 weight loss tips.
Health Medicine Network
I wanted to write something that came from my heart, and that could help someone struggling with the same weight problems I've had.
KK Norway Magazine
"Rather than jumping on fad diets, she did her own successful experiment in which she lost 66 pounds in 30 weeks."
How to live your best life in 2018
Atlanta Journal Constitution
"Why buy this very small book? Simply because it is small and authentic."
The rules — are simple, wise, and easy to follow
Huffington Post - January 17, 2018
International sensation...The Little Book of Big Weight Loss
National Examiner Magazine - January 22, 2018
"This is achievable weight loss....anyone can do it.."
What Woman Want Radio Interview
LA Talk Radio - January 12, 2018
"Author Bernadette Fisers shares the 31 rules she followed to break a lifelong cycle of unsuccessful dieting. In this exclusive excerpt, she tells a bit of her story "
Have you tried these weight loss tricks?
Parade Magazine - January 03, 2018
"Growing up, I’d always struggled with my weight. After my partner Terence and I had our daughter Lilli, now 11, it got even worse..."
30 kilos in 30 weeks - My easy diet secret!
Thats Life
"What inspired you to write......"
The Little Book of Big Weight Loss by Bernadette Fisers - December 21, 2017
"Then I opened it, and found its rules to be good, simple and easy."
How to lose weight — and get healthier — with these simple tips
Dallas News - November 14, 2017
"[The book] is more a chatty conversation with a friend about weight loss and becoming healthier than a "program," "plan," or "guide" about the whys and hows of dropping weight safely and for good."
Weight Loss Journey Doesn’t Have to Lead to Dead Ends
LifeZette - November 13, 2017
"John and Ben chat with Bern about her incredible weightloss story - 30kg in 30 weeks... how did she do it?!"
Bernadette Fisers: "I'm in control of my weight now."
The Booktopia Podcast - August 24, 2017
"The makeup artist was battling obesity when she starting taking the advice from A-listers."
How Bernadette Fisers' celebrity clients helped her lose weight
The Daily Edition - August 23, 2017
"Bernadette Fisers is a makeup artist to the stars, and decided enough was enough at 120kg."
Losing 30 kilos in 30 weeks
The Morning Show - July 24, 2017
"Bernadette has worked with the likes of Celine Dion and the late Whitney Houston but says she was so unhappy, she could barely look at herself in the mirror."
Celeb make-up artist reveals how she lost 30kg... without going to the gym
Women's Weekly - July 14, 2017
"My method of weight loss costs nothing — it’s simply a shift in how you shop and eat."
One woman’s secret to losing weight fast - January 23, 2017
"When her little weight loss e-book started going nuts around the world, make-up artist to the stars Bernadette Fisers set her sights on the agents who helped make Harry Potter creator JK Rowling a publishing superstar."
Make-up artist to the stars lost 30kg in 30 weeks
The Daily Telegraph - July 23, 2017
"Celebrity makeup artist Bernadette Fisers lost 30kg in 30 weeks after taking tips from her clients."
How a model diet tipped the scales for a Melbourne make-up artist
Herald Sun Australia - November 26, 2016
"She found that by preparing her own snacks in advance, avoiding sugar and processed foods and drinking lots of green tea and water, she lost a lot of weight quite quickly."
Make-up artist loses 30 kilos in 30 weeks after taking nutrition tips from her celebrity clients
Daily Mail - January 23, 2017
"When starting to lose weight the first thing to remember is that you will probably never feel ready to do it. Just like having a baby, or bungee jumping, sometimes you just need to leap."
10 Things To Remember When Aiming For A Big Weight Loss
Female First - July 13, 2017
"An originally self-published book, The Little Book of Big Weightloss by Bernadette Fisers, has been snapped up by Transworld UK and Penguin Australia after a three-way auction brokered by Zoë King at The Blair Partnership."
Global appetite for The Little Book of Big Weightloss
The Bookseller - March 22, 2017
"The Little Book of Big Weightloss is a no nonsense guide to radical and sustainable weight loss for anyone sick and tired of diet failure and confused by conflicting diet advice and complicated regimens."
The Weekly Top 10 Non-Fiction Bestseller List
Better Reading - July 22, 2017
Bernadette Fisher: Author, The Little Book of Big Weightloss
Health & Wellbeing - February 10, 2017
"Today's Book of the Week, as selected and reviewed by Tim Gott from the Devonport Bookshop, was The Little Book of Big Weight Loss, by Bernadette Fisers..."
Book of the Week, July 13 - The Little Book of Big Weight Loss, by Bernadette Fisers
7BU: Marin Agatyn - Book Talk - July 13, 2017
Episode 210 - Bernadette Fisers
Dymocks Podcast - August 01, 2017
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